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Company History

Mosto Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1997 and has continually served numerous New York facilities. MTI has over 40 years combined experience in steam systems and troubleshooting New York City steam systems on a daily basis. The operation and maintenance of steam traps is a straight forward task, while the application and evaluation of these traps requires an in-depth knowledge of steam systems, steam-related equipment, and steam properties.

Key Personnel

Steve Mosto, Principal.


Steve has been in the New York commercial building market for the past 25 years working with Class A commercial buildings, saving them millions of dollars in energy annually.  He founded Mosto Technologies in 1997 and pioneered new technology steam system solutions to reduce Con Ed steam usage through detailed audits, complex metering, and realtime consumption & loss monitoring.  By working with Con Ed Steam, consulting engineers, buildings owners/operators and mechanical contractors, he has created a niche expertise that is unique and in demand.  Mosto Technologies now provides full energy service support by tracking all utilities in realtime, chiller plant optimization as well as full HVAC system efficiency services.

Stephen Pascone, General Manager.

After graduating with a bachelor’s of engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology in 2007, Stephen started his career at Mosto Technologies Inc. as a project engineer, working with New York City buildings to improve the overall efficiency of their steam systems through steam system audits, and installation of steam system monitoring systems.  Stephen became a LEED accredited professional in 2009 to help clients implement LEED projects such as high pressure steam trap monitoring, and was promoted to his current position.   Stephen’s responsibilities include overseeing our steam system auditing program, designing, installing, and monitoring all our steam monitoring systems, project managing all ongoing projects, manage all sales and engineering personnel, and manages the day to day operations of the company.


Mosto Technologies is proud to be partners with MACH Energy, the leader in real-time energy monitoring and Donnelly Mechanical, a leading mechanical and energy service contractor in NYC.




MACH Energy

Leader in Real-Time energy monitoring



Donnelly Mechanical

Leading Mechanical and Energy Service Contractors in NYC